The Sun’s chemistry effect, the goal is to win the western conference finals

The Big Three of the NBA Suns faced the Blazers in todays’ game of this season.

Each player scored crazily within 20 minutes in the game. 

The game ended with the Suns beating the Blazers 117-106.

For the cooperation of Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal, the star player Devin Booker mentioned that he will keep looking forward to the two teammates maintaining better aggression and coordination.

The Suns traded back Kevin Durant last season. 

Sold away point guard Chris Paul in exchange for Bradley Beal in the offseason.

It was surely harder for Devin Booker after Chris Paul left, especially, he has to carry more responsibility of control. 

However, it means that Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal can score more points.  

Currently, the Suns fixed players are Devin Booker, shooting guard Bradley Beal, forward Kevin Durant and center Deandre Ayton.

From observing the games, SuperAce88 thinks that this time the Suns may be the strongest team after Steve Nash led the team. 

There is a hope to enter the western conference finals and saying goodbye to the lost to the Dallas Mavericks, which was led by Luka Doncic last season.

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