Jordan Clarkson scored 37 points, but didn’t get the third win

In the game yesterday, Jordan Clarkson scored 37 points when facing the Suns. 

Also, the other NBA Suns star Kevin Durant fought back with 38 points.  All the fans were enjoying the game. 

However, teammate Lauri Markkanen didn’t perform well. 

The game ended with 131-128.  The Jazz lost to the Suns and ended the 2 wins in row. 

In this game, Jordan Clarkson played for 35 minutes with Lauri Markkanen.  

They really performed many wonderful performances.

With the 7 assists from Kelly Olynyk, it could be said the best team of the recent games. 

Aside from Kevin Durant, the Suns have Devin Booker. 

Devin Booker scored 15 assists, which indeed caught the Jazz off guard.

They will face the Suns tomorrow November 20th.  What adjustments the coach will make this time is the focus of everyone. 

The future of Jordan Clarkson is also the focus of all Filipinos.

It is very important for the 2024 World Cup!!!

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