The U.S. lost to Canada, missed the medal during overtime

After the U.S. lost to Germany, this is the only chance for the U.S. to win a medal. 

The game was stacked with stars.  Hall of Fame star Pau Gasol and Carmelo Anthony were in attendance to watch the game. 

During the first half. Canada fought fiercely.  They scored 34 points with no misses.  The U.S. has no chance to fight back without 3 main players. 

The coach Steve Kerr, who got the record of 5-time NBA Champion player, 4-time NBA Champion, shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

After some adjustment, the U.S. team Cameron Johnson and Josh Hart came back on 15-2.

Also, Austin Reaves scored 10 points, which was the highest of a single quarter. 

In the third quarter, Canadian player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was in full power, scoring 11 points and led the team to score 33 points.  

Canada led the game with 9 points before entering the last quarter. 

During the last quarter, the U.S. player Tyrese John Haliburton saved the team with 2 three-point shots in row. 

Canadian player Dillon Brooks, who didn’t perform well during the previous 3 quarters, scored 7 three-point shots.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander joined the game.  He was capable of offense and  defense.  Before the game ended, there were 4 points behind Canada.  

Mikal Bridges hit 3 + 1 chances successfully on the corner and led the game into overtime.

However, the U.S. players were young, even though Steve Kerr was in charge, there were still too many turnovers. 

The U.S. lost to Canada 118-127 and failed to fulfill the goal of gaining a gold medal.

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