Prediction and analysis before the championship final

All eyes are on the 2 dark horse teams Germany and Serbia.

After Germany beat the U.S. during the semi-finals, it has gained popularity at home and abroad.  

There were 4 out of the starting five who scored double-digit.

Three of the NBA players, Toronto Raptors Dennis Schroder, Magic Franz Wagner and Pacers Daniel Theis, have above-average performance.

Germany could get to the point wasn’t based on luck.

Serbia also beat Canada, which has lots of NBA players in the team.

Hawks Bogdan Bogdanovic scored the most with 23 points, which led Serbia advanced to the FIBA World Cup Final.

The field goal percentage was 62%.  They lowered the field goal percentage of the opponent to 48%.  Also, the rebound points were higher than the opponent. 

The offense and defense data of two teams from the previous 7 games were very close.  The data of field goal percentage, rebounds, steals, assists and turnovers were close, too. 

The main difference was Serbia was 7 points ahead of Germany in the paint area and 8 points ahead, which meant that Serbia balanced both sides. 

But against this young German with an undefeated record, can Serbia achieve the corresponding scores in the first 7 games?

Serbia has gained 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal.  Germany has gained 1 bronze medal.  

It will mainly depend on the difference between the two teams in terms of resting and mind setting, which will affect the winner of the championship this time.

SuperAce88 predicted that Germany will win the championship this time.   Even though Serbia had a better score overall, Germany was the one that beat the U.S. in the semi-finals.  They might keep up the morale and score high in this game

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