The Philippines got the second win in the William Jones Cup.

On Saturday, August 19th, the Philippines faced Japan.  The Philippines won with the result of 116-97.    

Japan played with strong ambition during the first half. 

介川 アンソニー 翔 scored 14 pointa in 8 minutes.  Led the team with 40 : 21.  

Beat the Philippines with double digits points ahead. 

However, after the adjustment of offense and defense of the Philippines, the score came to 30 : 17. 

Ended the first half with only a 6 points gap.  Maintaining competitiveness in the second half. 

During the third quarter, Antonio Rafael ASISTIO kept on scoring 100% three pointers and led the team with 19 points ahead. 

In the last quarter, Leonard SANTILLAN scored 11 by himself.  

The Philippines won the second game in the William Jones Cup with a result of 116-97.

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