Wembanyama works hard training during the frozen period

The Spurs will be more competitive in the future

Victor Wembanyama has revealed that he is learning the legendary skyhook popularized by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Also, adding up his physical fitness and skills. 

Jabbar not only has amazing footwork, body control and shooting touch, but is also blessed with the use of the skyhook because of his size.

Jabbar with a height of 218 cm and a large wingspan.  Letting him be able to shoot the ball higher than almost anyone. 

From the statistics by SuperAce88 sports data, the figure and wingspan of Wembanyama is better than Jabbar.  Actually, since the U19 World Cup in 2019, he has played for the French team.  He showed his hook shooting skills.  Facing the strong defense of the center of the US team, known as the second place of the NBA draft, Chet Holmgren, Wembanyama still relied on the body to block the ball and successfully hooked it in.

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