Whether the hero of the championship, Anthony Davis, goes or stays.

Has the next team been locked?

SuperAce88 found that the Lakers are planning to sign a three-year, $170 million contract with Davis before the Training Camp in August. 

Even though Davis was often injured, he was still the hero of the championship of the Lakers.   Teamed up with James to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Although they didn’t win the championship, he is still the best player for the Lakers fans, who is able to attack and defend.

The data shows that Anthony Davis signed a five-year, $190 million contract with the Lakers in December 2020.  The 2024-25 season is a player option.  According to collective bargaining, the Lakers can renew their contract early this year, with a maximum of 170 million US dollars for 3 years and an annual salary of up to 50 million US dollars. 

As the champion of the NBA draft, Davis stayed with the New Orleans Pelicans for 7 seasons but couldn’t see the future.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2019 and fulfilled the dream of winning in 2020. 

He played 56 games last season, with 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 2.0 blocks, and 1.1 steals.

12.5 rebounds was the best score of his career.  SuperAce88 thinks that there won’t be many changes on Davis.

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