William Jones Cup on 2023

The Jones Cup has always been a high-profile basketball event.  Returning after a three-year shut down. 

The Philippine National Team has won the Jones Cup the past six times. 

SuperAce88 organized the schedule of the events. 

August 2nd to 6th, Women’s Basketball Jones Cup

August 7th to 11th, U14 Teenagers Jones Cup

August 12th to 20th,  Male’s Basketball Jones Cup 

The most discussed about the Jones Cup is the Filipino basketball player, Terrence Romeo. 

In 2015,  Lin Chih-chieh, Taiwanese Basketball player performed double pump.

SInce then, the Filipino fans talk about Romeo’s breakthrough ability, dribble ability, sudden change of direction, etc skills of the flexible guard. 

Romeo and Jayson Castro, the best guard of Asia, are voted most stable guard. 

Romeo continued to play masterpieces in the 2016 team Olympic qualifying competition against France and New Zealand, which were more than one level higher in strength. 

Especially, when facing the French basketball player, Tony Parker, he still scored 19. 

Whether Romeo fights for the Philipinne, we are still looking forward to see the Philippines can win brilliantly.

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