What is handicap?

In the Philippines, there are many fans, including various sports-related competitions.  Many of them like sports games the most.  They only need to spend a small amount of money in the competition and buy the team they support to win, they can not only make money, but it also enhances the fun of watching the game and adds a lot of extra income to life.

In this article, we have introduced sports betting terminology, sports betting tips and excellent sports betting website SuperAce88.

Sport betting terminology.  What is a handicap? 

The so-called “handicap” means that the game company conducts an objective and neutral analysis based on the ranking of the two teams’ strength comparison, home and away factors, historical record ratio, injuries and other situations. Listing the strong team and the percentage value of handicap by the weak team.

The “handicap ratio” reflects the strength and weakness of two teams. 


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