Analysis of BlackJack at SuperAce88

BlackJack is also known as 21 points.  It is a common card game. 

The goal is the sum of the values of the cards dealt is close to 21 points but not over 21. 

In the SuperAce88, number cards are worth their face value.  J, Q, K are worth 10.  A worth 1 or 11 points. 

In BlackJack, the player and dealer Hit in order.  The players can choose Stand or Hit.  If the players get over 21 points, they lose the game. 

The dealer needs to Hit according to the rule.  When the players’ points are lower than 17, the dealer needs to Hit. 

If the players’ and the dealer’s points are not over 2, their card points will be compared.  The one with bigger numbers wins the game

If the points are the same, the result is a tie.

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