NiuNiu live rules

The characters in NiuNiu

The games can be played with several players.  One of the players would be the dealer.  The dealer could be one fixed player or changes between the players. 

After the dealer and the player are clearfield, the player would place bets first.  

Usually, the minimum bet and the maximum of a single game bet are stipulated.

Wager, deal and compare cards

After placing the bets, the cards are dealt to the banker and the players one by one, until each player has 5 cards.

The 5-card hand is split in two halves, a set of three and a set of two cards.  The players need to compare their cards with the dealer individually.  If the player’s card is smaller than the dealer, the player loses.  If the player wins, the player can ask the dealer for multiple prizes

NiuNiu Deck and Points

The sum of the bullfighting points is a multiple of 10, which is a “bull”.

The priority principle of card composition is that the points of the last 3 cards must add up to a multiple of 10, which is called “You Niu”. At this time, the points of the first 2 cards can be combined The numbers are added together, and the single digit is the point of the hand.
The first 2 cards happen to be a multiple of 10, which is “Niu Niu”. If all 5 cards in the hand are public cards (J, Q, K), it is called “Supreme” or “Five Dukes”.
Conversely, if any 3 of the 5 cards in the hand cannot form a bull, it is an “Oolong”.

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