Bac Bo

Bac Bo is a game that consists of two red dice and two blue dice. 

The players can choose the results between player, tie, and banker. 

For big and small, adding the amount of 2 dice with the same color.  The smallest is 2 and the biggest is 12.

The game seems simple but it is actually cryptic. 

This game has tens of thousands of people online at the same time every day because of the tie.

Normally in the games that have tie, many players think of the baccarat games with the odds of 1 : 8. 

As long as the players place bets on tie, the odds are calculated by the points. 

Tie result is 6, 7, 8, the odds are 1 : 4.

Tie result is 5, 9, the odds are 1 : 6.

Tie result is 4, 10, the odds are 1 : 10. 

Tie result is 3, 11, the odds are 1 : 25. 

Tie result is 2, 12, the odds are 1 : 88. 

SuperAce88 has tested all the results of tie, the possibility of 2, 3, 4 is high up to 22%. 

That’s why there are many players placing bets on tie the whole night. 

Do you want to try your luck?  Don’t miss Bac Bo.

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