E Andar Bahar

The game starts with dealing one initial card called the “Game Card”.  

The SuperAce88’s players can place bets on Andar, Bahar and side bets. 

The special part is the side bets.  Initial 3 cards : the “Game Card”, the first card dealt to Andar and the first card dealt to Bahar.

As long as the three cards are straight flush, straight or flush, the players win.

Of course, the bet and the odds will be different. 

E Andar Bahar has its advantage of high odds.  From 1 : 0.9 to 1 : 800. 

This also leads to a variety of betting methods that players can analyze.

Of all the live games, it is hard to find another game that has the odds that high up to 800. 

If you want to use a small amount of principals to win over a hundred times the profit.  E Andar Bahar is a great choice.

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