E blackjack

We believe that everyone is familiar with the BlackJack.  We have also introduced the rules and the game play of BlackJack many times.

The players can find the E blackjack in the SA Live of other games. 

The game is like the baccarat game.   Using a shoe of cards. 

The special part is that the players can choose from 1 to 8 seats.  It won’t force the players to join the game after entering. 

Aside from the regular blackjack rules, the players can also place 2 additional bets, which are insure and a pair. 

The insure means that if the dealer has blackjack, the players can get the odds 1 : 2 according to the insure bets. 

The pair mean the players can place bets on both themselves or the other players.  As long as the selected player gets a pair, the odds would be 1 : 11. 

Since E blackjack provides many options that are beneficial to the players, all the players that have been playing blackjack must have played E blackjack before. 

SuperAce88 invites all the good players to join the game. 

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