SuperAce88 Mulitplay

We have mentioned the ratio of the Baccarat before.  The ratio of the banker to win is 45.8%,  the player to win is 44.6% and the tie is 9.6% in a shoe of cards.  

When everyone is researching the ratio, it is easy to choose to place bets on the table that follows their own thoughts. 

SuperAce88 provides gameplay from a player who plays for over 10 years, which is Mulitplay.  

We believe that there are many people who don’t know about Mulitplay. 

Multiply is a betting method that you can find in DG Live. 

The players can place bets on 2 tables of DragonTiger and 18 baccarat tables at the same time. 

Many people would be wondering that it is already so hard to count one table, let alone 18. 

In fact, the reverse thinking could break through the blindside of many players. 

If you only consider the odds, ties occur 10 times per 100 games and there is 90% that the banker or player occurs per 100 games.  If we place bets on 18 tables with this proportion, we can pursue 90% and 10% of the cards from a short period of time, compared with placing bets on 1 table for 100 times. 

Therefore, many players use 100 and 50 to play Mulitplay, which means placing 100 ₱ on the banker or player and 50 ₱ on tie. 

According to the odd 1 : 1 and 1 : 8, placing 100 bets won’t let you lose the games. 

The players who are interested, could take a chance to try it.  Maybe the result will surprise you.

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