Fast Snail Racing

It is a cute game. 

It’s different from the previous games like racing, horses or hounds racing.  Fast Snail Racing is presented as snails. 

After the game starts, three colors ( red, green and blue) snails will start at the same time.  The system will randomly rank the snails. 

The game is popular because of its high odds. 

All the experienced players know that the lower the variable, the lower the odds.

For only guessing the color of the champion, the winning ratio is ⅓.  However, the odds of the game are 2.91. 

Fast Snail Racing provides the higher winning possibility and prizes. 

If the players are lucky,  they can place bets on the order 1st to 3rd place. 

The odds will be 5.82.  The game is one of the best of the single bet games in the Other Game category.  

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