Crushing Pot

Crushing Pot is a traditional Vietnamese game. 

Since the game is very easy and the prizes are always amazing, it has also been introduced to the Philippines in recent years.

Before the game starts, there are 5 pots.

The players can choose one pot to hit. 

The result will be determined by the items in the pots. 

The items in the pots are rocks, bronze coins, silver coins, gold coins, gems and diamonds.  Also, there might be empty pots. 

Some players might observe, aside from the empty pots, the odds of the rest are 0.3x to 30x. 

There are 5 pots with 6 ways to win.  This means that the player has only a 1/7

chance of not winning.

The high odds and winning ratio are enough to make players crazy.  This is also the reason why Crushing pot goes viral.

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