Circle throwing

SuperAce88 is based on the traditional American ring toss. 

The players get 3 circles to throw on the columns from number 1 to 9. 

There won’t be 2 to 3 circles hit at the same column. 

After tossing 3 circles, the numbers would be accumulated.  If the score is less than 5, there will be no bonus. 

There will be x1 to x20 odds starting from 6. 

If the accumulation is over 23, there might be x20 to x100 odds. 

In brief, even only getting number 1, 2, 3, there will be chances to get a bonus if the total is over 5. 

As long as the players get 9 at once,  they can try to get numbers 8, 7, 6 to get higher odds.

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