SuperAce88 Basic skill in Fisher games

All the players know that you need to use installed cannonballs, select the amount of money and aim at the fish to attack them in the Fisher games.

As long as you are the one who knocks down the fish, you can get the bonus. 

The main goal is to aim at the fastest fish.  Using the machine gun mode to attack all the fish. 

Catch all the fish all at once.  It will greatly improve the chance of winning when playing the Fisher games. 

The bigger the target is, the better.  When you encounter a school of fish, the target is easy to gather, and you can grasp it well. 

However, if a large school of fast-swimming fish appears, it is recommended to wait until these fish have passed before playing the fisher game, so that you won’t waste the bullets. 

SuperAce88 This is the way to make a profit in Fisher games!!