Champion said that the NBA is less physical than European basketball.

San Antonio Spurs champion, Victor Wembanyama.  After playing 2 games in the NBA Summer League, the game was canceled early to focus on preparing for the new season. 

When he was having an interview, saying that the NBA is “less physical” than European basketball.

Wenbanyama, who is 226 centimeters tall and weighs only 95 kilograms, was repeatedly knocked down by his opponents in the two games he played in the summer league this year.

Based on the statistics from SuperAce88, he has been Knocked down up to 14 times. 

Wenbanyama was asked about the differences between the NBA and Ligue 1. 

He said that, “The court is more open, it’s going fast, but it’s less physical.  I get fouled a lot, but not as much.” 

We believe that the odds will be different from last season if the San Antonio Spurs appear in the NBA in the future. 

SuperAce88 will update the accurate analysis before the new season.

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