Heyuan WUS basketball tournmant comeback

The Philippines is expected to win the finalists

The Philippines turned defeat into victory on Iran.  

Kicking off the Philippines’ journey with a victory at the WUS International Basketball Championship this Thursday at Guangdong’s Heyuan Gym. 

Iran has won the FIBA Asia Cup 3 times, FIBA Asia Championship 3 times,  2 silver medals and  2 bronze medals for Asian Games and 1 gold medal for West Asian Games. 

Strength of Iran should not be underestimated. 

The Philippines lost to Iran during the first half.  In the end, the Iranian team led the Philippines 21-23. 

During the second half, the Philippine started to score in corner three pointers.  Also, boosting up the players’ attacking strength. 

Calvin Oftana got 10 points and AJ Edu got 9 points and 9 rebounds. 

In the end, the Philippines defeated Iran 76-65. 

This was also 2 losses for Iran.  Iran lost 85-75 to Senegal in their first game.

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