PBA on tour. Finding the stage for the rising stars of the Philippine

The Philippines national team joins the FIBA Basketball World Cup and Asian Games during the offseason. 

However, the league is not resting.  

2 months after the PBA preseason, the Filipino media pointed out that PBA is considering holding a tour series. 

Even though all the details are still in discussion, whether re-hosting the event is depending on the schedules of all teams in the league for several seasons.

In just 2 months, each team played 11 games.  Whether it can be implemented, which includes lots of teams commercial and interest disputes. 

SuperAce88 thinks that PBA could hold some away meets, which can provide a chance for the rising stars to show their talents. 

There is not only a single league in other countries, but several basketball leagues and development leagues. 

For the Philippine national ball, PBA still has a certain level of competition in Asia currently. 

However, compared to the European countries, it needs more experience and new players to join in order to maintain competitiveness in the world championship.

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