SuperAce88 Sports Terminology Analysis

In SuperAce88, everyone is familiar with basketball and football betting in the field of sports betting.


We often talk about many different words. Lots of people might be confused and have no idea what it means.

Let’s sort it out and understand the meaning of different terms.

In order to let us get started with the fascinating sports world more quickly!


What is handicap?

It is a football game that is popular in the whole of Asia. Due to the fact that there are some objective differences in strength in most football games,

In order to make the game more exciting and fair, the party responsible for the football game. (called the banker)



What are two-way handicaps?


Handicap team is the team giving handicaps.

Underdog is the team receiving handicaps.



What is odds?


Odds is the coefficient of return or loss for a gambler after the outcome of the sports betting event is determined.


What is the total over and under?


Total over :  Less than 3 goals per game

Total under : 3 or more goals per game


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