The favorite U.S. team lost

missed the chance to compete for the World Cup championship trophy

The U.S. team lost to Germany 113-111 on Friday, September 8th. 

The result led to the losing the opportunity to compete for the World Cup championship trophy.  It is also the result that lots of fans cannot accept. 

Both of the teams were fighting fiercely.  However, amazingly, Germany were always leading the game from the beginning to the end. 

Although the NBA Pelicans Brandon Ingram didn’t help in the game, the points gap between 2 teams made the fans wonder if the U.S. wasn’t proactive in the game. 

In terms of statistics alone, the U.S. team actually played well in this game.

From the score statistics from SuperAce88, the field goals percentage was 58.5%, the three-point shot percentage was 48% and the free throw percentage was 95.8%.  The main scoring statistics were higher than Germany.   The total turnovers were 1 time less than Germany.  Also, the individual turnovers were 17 times, which was less than Germany, who got 21 times.

Only the rebound points were 28-30.  Because these two rebounds resulted in a 2-point loss to Germany.

The NBA Timberwolves Anthony DeVante Edwards, who led the U.S. team, scored 23 points and 8 rebounds.  Also, the NBA Lakers Austin Tyler Reaves scored 21 points and 2 rebounds. 

There were 6 players scored in the Germany team and 3 players scored over 20 points.  Andreas Obst scored 24 points.  Franz Jacob Wagner scored 22 points.  Daniel Theis scored 21 points.

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