FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament is more challenging 

How does the Philippines face a challenge?

To the Philippines, the last game, which faced China, was very crucial.

With losing 4 games previously, there was no reason to compromise.

With the lead of Kyle Anderson and Jordan Clarkson, they finally beat China and the scores were able to qualify for the Olympics Wild Card.

This was not the most satisfying result for the Philippines, but there was a chance to enter the Olympics. 

After defeating China, the Philippines became the 3rd place from Asia. 

The first was Japan (3-2 ) and the second was Lebanon( 2- 3 ).

Japan has qualified for the Olympics. 

The Philippines and Lebanon will be competing for the last Asia Olympics qualifications. 

After the review of the games, how to make the Philippines more competitive, is what the coaching team has to think about.

How the Philippines is organized in the future will be the biggest challenge.

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