The Lakers stops getting defeated

the Clippers might be the first in the league

The Lakers and the Clippers faced off for the first LA fight of this season yesterday. 

Although the new player James Harden didn’t play in the game, both of the teams still kept scoring points. 

The Lakers LeBron James scored 35 points, Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell scored 27 points respectively. 

Also, Anthony Davis was getting better and joined the players that scored more than 20 points. 

The Clippers Kawhi Leonard and Paul George scored 38 points and 35 points respectively. 

The star guard Russell Westbrook, who got traded to the Clippers from the Lakers, scored 24 points. 

The two teams fought fiercely until overtime.  The game ended 130-125, the Lakers won the fight in LA, which stopped the Lakers from continuing to lose. 

The Clippers will be the team that the league and the audiences focus on in the future. 

From the history, the team with 4 All-Star players didn’t end well. 

It is hard to imagine how Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, James Harden and Russell Westbrook work together. 

This time, the Clippers have  2 great combo guards and 2 great frontlines.  But the defense guard will be the disadvantage of the team. 

Also, there is no suitable center.  We believe that they will need to work harder in the future.

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