The list of semifinals is announced

The Philippines strives for wild card qualification

FIBA Basketball World Cup quarter finals ended on September 6th. 

The teams that are attending the Paris Olympics and the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament were released. 

Aside from France was qualified because of the home country, the other countries that advance to the Olympics are following, 

Americas Representatives: the U.S, Canada

Europe Representatives: Serbia, Germany

Africa Representative: South Sudan 

Asia Representative: Japan 

Oceania Representative: Australia

There are a total of 12 teams competing for the championship trophy, which means that there are 4 teams chosen from the Qualifying Tournament.

After the ranking of the scores, even the Philippines didn’t win many games, the losing points were low, and the Philippines qualified for the Olympics Wild Card.

Except for the Philippines, there are a total of 23 teams entering the Qualifying Tournament, including Slovenia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Montenegro, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Finland, New Zealand, Lebanon, Mexico, Angola and Ivory Coast. 

The FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament will be held in July 2024.  A total of 24 teams will be competing for the last 4 Olympics qualifications. 

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