USA dominates Italy with 40 points, advances to semifinals

The first day of the quarterfinals, the U.S. faced Italy in the second game.  The U.S. defeated Italy 100-63. 

This game is packed.  If the U.S. lost the game, they would be eliminated.

Although NBA Jazz Simone Fontecchio and Stefano Tonut from the Italian team scored 18 and 11 points. 11 out of 12 players scored in the U.S. team.  

No matter starting or the bench, all the U.S. players crushed Italy.

The U.S. was qualified to the semifinals and the Olympics.

Coming off a 110-104 loss to Lithuania, the U.S. was lucky to avoid playing with strong Serbia.

From the data of SuperAce88, the U.S. has never lost to Italy for 45 years. 

Foreign media said that the weakest part of the U.S. this year is rebounding and lane defense.  Italy lacked the power to defeat the U.S.

From the previous games the U.S. was blocked for 40 rebounds.  Judging from the data, rebounding is the biggest disadvantage of the U.S.

However, Italy didn’t have tall and strong centers and wing players, so they couldn’t defeat the U.S.

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