The Jazz won against the Blazers

they are expected to avenge the Suns

During the game yesterday morning, just as SuperAce88 said, the Jazz stopped Jerami Grant.  

The game ended with Jordan Clarkson leading the team to win the game with 115-99. 

Jordan Clarkson scored 30 points while playing 31 minutes, which was the highest of the teams.  The scores of the team were getting better and better.  Currently 4 wins and 7 losses.

Congrats to hundreds of sports game players for their successful wins.   SuperAce88 will continue to update the professional analysis for a reference when the players purchase NBA games.

After a day of adjustment, the Jazz will face the best of the West, the Suns, tomorrow, on Friday, November 17th.

The Suns have the best players Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

For the Jazz, this will be a hard game. 

The Suns won the game 126-104 in the last game that they had on October 29th. 

Jordan Clarkson was targeted and hit 3 for 10 shooting, had 5 turnovers and ended the game in 20 minutes.

The only way to win the game is that the Suns have another game today. 

When playing continuously, players might be tired and exhausted. 

Jordan Clarkson and Lauri Markkanen team up for the mid and backfield. 

It is hard to tell whether the Jazz will win or lose tomorrow. 

Therefore, SuperAce88 evaluates that the Jazz will win this game.

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