Baccarat Common Skills

Although baccarat has a simple structure and simple rule.


However, some skills are still needed to test for the long-term winning rate. SuperAce88 has sorted out the most commonly used skills. 

4 Skills 


 Lantern Luck


Baccarat lantern luck is the simplest and requires the least technical skill.  Simply watching other players play.

If someone wins all the time, it can be seen as a bright light and play the same way as him.  If you see someone who keeps losing, you can also be an inverse index and bet on the other side.


Road Method


Based on the baccarat road,  find out the rules and guess the next card.

Some live baccarat brands have the functions of predicting whether player or banker will win on the next game, which saves time for players and reduces the error rate. It is super convenient!



Split Chips Method


It’s a betting strategy. 

It is one of the most varied baccarat skills.  All of them are based on bets, rather than predicting the next card.

Split Chips Method is considered to be the technique that has the greatest impact on the winning rate.  Many players believe that the winning formula of baccarat is “usual skills + betting strategy”.


Counting Cards


In any poker game, many people will rely on card counting to assess which side of the current situation they belong to.

Baccarat is no exception, but because of the large number of cards used in baccarat and the number of dead cards is not small  It is necessary to use the card counting method to predict baccarat.

Some players think it is not possible,  but some players think it can be done through calculation


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