How much ₱ do I need to play a baccarat game in SuperAce88?

How much ₱ do I need to play a baccarat game in SuperAce88

How much principal should I prepare before starting to gamble on baccarat?

How much principal do I need to prepare to go?

Here we briefly list out the calculation methods for your reference.



(Minimum Betting Amount) × 12 × 6 = The minimum principal amount to be prepared for each round.


If we start with 50 ₱ , then, 50*12*6 = 3600 will be your principal.

If we start with 100 ₱ , then, 100*12*6 = 7200 will be your principal. 

If we start with 200 ₱, then,  200*12*6 = 14400 will be your principal.  

The “6” is the “six rounds betting” emphasized by SuperAce88!

This is just the experience, not saying that if you have six chips, then, you will not lose.

However, for most players, the chips for 6 rounds can often establish a firewall for players when the situation is not satisfactory.

Too little principle can easily make you feel afraid when the first half of the game is not going well.  Prepare principals for 6 rounds, so that you will not panic when the beginning is not going well.

We use the chance of “six rounds” to have a broader opportunity in winning back. . After losing one or two rounds, the remaining gambling principals can be immediately divided into smaller units.

Keeping the principals in “fifth equal parts” or “sixth equal parts”, except that it is possible to start at 1,000 at the beginning, but now you have to start at 500.


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