Baccarat’s tumbler betting method.

Today I will introduce the SuperAce88 baccarat tumbler betting method.


This betting method is mainly divided into two parts, Reverse Martingale strategy and wager method.


Reverse Martingale strategy


Every three rounds as a cycle.  The first round of betting is 300₱.  If you win, you can reduce the betting to 100₱.  If you lose, you can add 100₱.  After three hands, 300₱ is re-betted and the cycle continues.

Although this technique seems ordinary, we will understand if we place bets according to this betting method.  There are many results of two wins and one loss or two losses and one win.  The situation at this time will definitely be profitable.



Dragon Wager Method


This betting method is not to bet on all rounds for sure.  But if the player wins, check the previous rounds to see if the player won continuously.  If so, bet on the player in the next round until the banker wins. 

But if the banker wins on the second round.  You can continue observing and continue to bet when the player wins


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