Unravel the mystery of the baccarat game.

The attitude that you need to have while playing the baccarat games.


If it is a small bet, you only have one chance to lose your principal.  If you lose, you will lose it.  First, establish a good attitude and stop when the principal is lost. When you win, you must also set a takeprofit, so that you won’t lose.

Don’t please the eye and plague the heart to keep winning.  Give priority to not losing, that is, not losing money.

Stay tuned with us, here we will explain what SuperAce88 Betting Allocation Rules are.



Understanding Baccarat Odds


Through statistical probability theory, the probability of the banker and player in baccarat is not 50%.  The banker is 51% respectively and the player is 49% respectively.

Knowing these small differences can help us think better when betting on baccarat.  When the player wins more, according to the probability, it may be time to bet on the banker.

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

-Warren Buffett


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