SuperAce88 The probability of Tie in baccarat games.

Although, in the SuperAce88 baccarat game, Tie has a high odds of 1:8,  Tie is about 9.45% of the banker-player ratio in baccarat. 


It is equal to winning once out of 9 to 11 games.  That is to say, assuming that each time you make a profit once out of 9 to  11 times, with 1:8 odds in a single round. 

Basically, it will also cause a loss.  Even if Tie wins in the 8th round, it only allows you to win back the previous principal. 

It sounds meaningless to spend 9 to 11 times of principal in exchange for 8 times the principal amount.

Therefore, I advise those who are new to SuperAce88’s baccarat games, not to be attracted by the high odds.  Properly analyzing the probability of a baccarat Tie is the way to make money on the table.


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