SuperAce88 Sic Bo Online Betting Formula

Hi-Lo Formula


Many players in SuperAce88 played Hi-Lo with the Conventional Formula.

Because it’s so easy and has a high chance of winning.

New players of SuperAce88, please pay attention to the method provided here for your reference.


Conventional Formula


Observing the numbers that often show.  We must observe the numbers that often appear.

Since there are still about 3-5 times to wait, after the number is often shown, only choose 1-2 numbers and place a small bet.



Hi-Lo Formula


Dividing the principal to 100 ₱, 200 ₱, 300 ₱, 400 ₱.

Starting form 100 ₱, but if you lose, wager 300 ₱ on the next round.

However, if you win, you need to wager 200 ₱ on the next round. 

It seems a little complicated for this formula, but for someone with enough principle.  There is almost no possibility of losing with this formula.


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