Goal is a game that is familiar to minesweeper games like Mines. 

The players can select 3 different field sizes from big to small. 

There are bombs in each row.  The players need to avoid the bombs and enter the next round. 

From left to right, the players can get the corresponding odds each time they enter the next level. 

Normally on the game mines, the SuperAce88’s players need to select from the bottom to the top.  Also, the game is displayed wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

The players will start from the longest row.  It may lead to misjudgment for players.

Even if the row is longer, the possibility of selecting a bomb is higher.  It also affects the players’ judgment on the next round. 

The game Goal goes different ways.  We believe the players who love playing Mines will also love this game

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