This is a special game of the mixture of poker and roulette. 

There is a ¼ roulette with the 4 suits of J, Q, K. 

The players can place 4 suits, selected suit’s J, Q, K, unselected suit’s J, Q, K.

The odds are the following, 

The odds of unselected J, Q, K are 1 : 19.

The odds of 4 suits are 1 : 2.9.

The odds of selected suits of J, Q, K are 1 : 10.

The experienced players of SuperAce88 know that the more betting options, the greater the decision space.

Although the ratio is ¼, there is a history chart for the players to refer to. 

We suggest that the players can place bets on suits, unselected J, Q, K and selected J, Q, K to increase the winning ratio.

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