Plinko is a game with balls dropping through a pyramid.

After the players place bets, there will be a ball falling from the top of the pyramid.  The odds will be determined by the multiplier that the ball falls into. 

It is said to be a game of chance, but Plinko is actually very knowledgeable. 

First, the players can choose rows 8 to 16.   The bigger the number, the higher the odds. 

The players can also choose the odds between blue, green and red.  Odds from low to high are from the middle to both sides.  

They are 0.2x, 0.3x, 0.5x to 15x, 100x, 1000x.

The smart players will choose the corresponding rows and the odds colors to match the highest winning ratio.

Take the lowest bets and rows as an example, there will be at least 0.2x to 0.5x  for each bet.

SuperAce88 recommends the players to place lower bets in the beginning and select the best winning method according to the winning ratio of the system of the day.

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