It is a very simple and easy game. 

In the beginning, there are in total 13 cards with 6 red, 6 black and 1 Hot Segment. 

The SuperAce88’s players can place bets on these three cards.  When the game begins, the cards will move.  The result will be determined by the card in the middle.  

In the normal bets, the odds of red and black are 2x and the Hot Segment is 32x. 

Aside from the normal bets, the players can also switch to high risk mode

When entering the high risk mode, the odds will be very different. 

There will be 2 rolls of options, which is adding an additional roll below the normal one. 

The odds will be changed.  The odds of red and black will be 4.125x and the Hot Segment will be high up to 1056x. 

From the data, there is a 2/26 chance of 1056x. 

That alone is the reason to try Hotline.  This is also one of the main games from SPB. 

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