The game is a 5×5 board game. 

The players can choose the amount of bombs between 1 to 3. 

That is to say, as long as 1 bomb is set, there will be 24 treasures on the field to get rewards.  

For the odds, the players can choose between 0.5, 0.8 and 0.95. 

The special part is that when the players open the treasures successfully, there might be a chance to get higher odds. 

If the SuperAce88’s players open the treasures in row, they can get the additional x5 odds. 

In the other words, the players place the minimum bet and there will be a chance to get back the principal while opening treasures in row 3 times. 

With a 3/25 chance, the odds of winning are even higher than some poker games.

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