100 king 8/9

There are a total of 52 cards excluding 2 Jokers. 

There are 4 spots for the players to place bets, which are spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. 

The banker and the players will get 2 cards separately.  The players only need to compare the cards with the dealer. 

The highest odds is x2.  The highest bet is 5000 ₱ and the highest prize is 10000 ₱. 

The SuperAce88’s players have advantages of being able to place bets on 4 spots. 

There is also a history chart at the bottom of the game.  The players can place the bets based on the possibility. 

Compared with the other disorganized games,  100 king 8/9 doesn’t need lots of experiences or formulas.  The players can play the game easily.

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