NBA star Blake Griffin becoming unpopular

The NBA star Blake Griffin played as a rotation player for the 2 seasons. 

Averaged 1.5 assists in 13 minutes per game last season with the Boston Celtics.  However, due to the lower score, we predict that he might not be on the field for more than 10 minutes.

Celtics seems to renew the contract, but they already have KP, Horford and Williams in the lane.

The possibility of renewing Griffin is low.  As the speaker of the lounge, Griffin has less right to speak than Horford. 

Hence, there is no reason for the Boston Celtics to renew with him. 

SuperAce88 thinks that the previous team, the Detroit Pistons, might be a good option. Even though they have many players in the lane, there are many players that require training.  According to Griffin’s basketball IQ, he can pass down his experiences to Duren, Bagley or Wiseman.  

To Detroit, this will be a great investment.  The strength of the Pistons is that the good players are very talented and physically fit.  But they lack experience.  If Griffin can pass down his experiences and skills to the Pistons players, it’s worth the basic salary.

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