Is it difficult for the Spurs star Wembanyama to be the leader ?

Wembanyama still didn’t get a hot hand when faced the Knicks today.  

He missed 5 shots in the first half and only scored 2 points on free throws.

He didn’t score the first goal of the game until the 3rd quarter.  Although he made 3 of 5 shots in the 4th quarter and scored a total of 8 points, the Spurs were already behind.

SuperAce88 calculated that Wembanyama hit 4 out of 14 and scored 14 points and 9 rebounds. 

However, all 4 of his three-point shots missed and his plus/minus for player efficiency -25 points was the worst in the team.  Currently, his field goal percentage has been less than 30% for 2 games.

In the future, the Spurs will rebuild the team based on Wembanyama.   

The defense was not ideal.  The Pacers scored more than 150 points in the previous game and the Knicks scored 126 points in this game.

There were 5 players who hit double digits for the Knicks.  The guard Jalen Brunson scored 25 points and Julius Randle scored 23 points and 16 rebounds. 

RJ Barrett scored 24 points and 6 assists.  The Knicks hit 19 3-pointers, which left the Spurs caught off guard.

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