Parlay bets in sport betting

Last time we understood the basic game play of parlay bets.  Many players know that there are actually more options for sports betting.

We have taken you to understand the advanced sports betting rules, whether it is a single bet or parlay bets. 

All of them can be matched by you, choose the betting method you are most used to, and win the prize.


Point spread


Before the start of the game, evaluate the strength of the two teams.

Then the score of the strong team is given to the weaker team according to the number ranging from 0.5 to 3.



Correct Score


This method is a special method of football.  When betting, first to guess the correct score of the two teams. 

This is also one of the ways that most people bet on major events such as the Football World Cup. 

As long as you choose the right score, the odds are quite impressive!!!


In-game wagers


Can you still wager during the game?  Isn’t the player sure to win?

That’s right, SuperAce88 offers in-play wagers.  There are different selections that can be placed at the start of the game. 

Before the market is closed, you can place a bet.  If you are afraid to place a bet before the game, this is a very convenient betting method


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