Introduction of parlay bets in sport betting

In each of SuperAce88’s parlay bets, various gameplays will be matched at the same time.  How can these sports betting be matched?

The following will take you to understand the basic parlay bets.


Over/Under Bet


There is a certain benchmark set before the opening and combined number points scored between both teams.

As long as this number exceeds the benchmark the result is over, otherwise it is under.



Odds/Even Bet


The Odds/Even Bet is to add the scores of the two teams after the end of the game, then, check if the result is odd or even. 



Money Line Bet


This method is the simplest, and the Money Line Bets is to place a bet

on the team that you like before the start of the game.

If the favored team wins, the result of the bet is also a win. 


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