The Philippines goes from strength to strength

First win in William Jones Cup

During the game with Taiwan team B on Sunday, August 13th, they lost to Taiwan again 79-89. 

Taiwan established a 30-14 strong offensive in the first quarter.  Indeed made the Philippines feel overwhelmed. 

Taiwan took advantage of home advantage to roughed up the Philippines in the first quarter. 

However, Kakou Ange Franck KOUAME led the team in the second quarter.

Scoring 8 points by himself.  Chasing after Taiwan with 23-24. 

This also boosted up the Philippines. 

Unexpectedly, Taiwan caught up with 12-0 in the third quarter. 

However, Rey Mark BELO kept on lowering the gap between 2 teams by scoring 24-14.  

Unfortunately, the Philippines got back the feeling too late.  Lost to Taiwan team B by 10 points.

But SuperAce88 awards recognition to the Philippines.  After the first group match, the Philippines goes from strength to strength.

We believe that the Philippines will get used to the games and scoring higher points.

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