1st Cracking skill of Roulette Live

The first skill is to observe the cycle of the Roulette wheel.

Although the Roulette isn’t a ball (lottery) game, we can still find some clues in each round.  Even the Roulette is a game of chances.

However, it is just a theory.  As long as the wheel is placed on the table, it must be affected by external factors.

For example, the dealer’s habit of throwing the ball, the amplitude of wheel rotation, the wastage of the wheel rotation, etc. 

Since it is hard to quantify the external factors and find it with a standard process, the only way to crack is to observe the result of the cycle of the Roulette wheel and find which factor results in. 

In other words, the players need to observe the wheel each time they join the game.  The result from yesterday isn’t equal to the result of today’s. 

SuperAce88 said this is the most important thing in observing the cycle of the Roulette wheel.  It must be remembered.

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