Color Dish

Color Dish is a game with 4 red and white buttons. 

The players can place bets on many options. 

They are even, odd, red 4, white 4, red 3 and white 3. 

The odds are as follows: the odds of red 4 and white 4 are 1 : 13, the odds of red 3 and white 3 are 1 : 3.6 and the odds of even and odd are 1 : 1.96. 

As you can see, the odds of the game are very high.  You can also see the history on the bottom of the game. 

According to the statistics, red 4 and white 4 appear every 12 games. 

The SuperAce88’s players can add additional bets on even or odd with red 4 or white 4. 

By using this method, the winning possibility is very high in the long term.

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